We recommend that you read our Booking Policy before you start booking one of our spaces to make sure you know and understand all of our rules. You may not
smoke or bring alcohol onto the premises. Smoking is only permitted outdoors, twenty feet from the building. Renter is responsible for cleaning up any smoking-related debris before leaving.

The lease will begin and end as specified in the lease agreement. Set-up and clean-up must take place during hours set forth in the lease agreement, unless additional time is requested and accommodated. If such a request is denied, the Renter agrees to pay additional fees if the studio accommodates additional time. However, the studio reserves the right to deny additional time requests.

Film and lighting equipment is not included in the studio rental fee. Equipment can be rented upon your arrival to the space. Without prior consent from a studio manager and payment in accordance with the preliminary agreement, you may not use any studio equipment.

Renters are responsible for paying for hours agreed upon even if they show up late or not at all. Renters must provide the following information in advance:

** Rental agreement and liability waiver **
** provide a valid photocopy of your ID **
** Releases for all persons who will be in attendance at the studio **

The total amount of your reservation is due at the time of booking. The date and studio/rental items are not reserved until full payment is received, and a signed rental agreement is received by the studio. The booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Failure to comply with the above Policies and Regulations will result in dismissal from the premises, termination of your production shoot or a phone call to law enforcement.

**Covid-19 Restrictions**
Continue to practice social distancing and masks are no longer mandatory,
but we ask that you respect the choices of others.


Q: Can I get a refund if I need to cancel my shoot?
A: No refunds, no exceptions.

Q: Can i keep my gear in the studio overnight?
A:  Yes, but we charge a $200 fee to keep it in our space. 

Q: Can I move the date of my shoot?
A:  Yes, but we charge a $300 fee to move the date. 

Q: I’m running hour behind my shoots start time, can I push it back?
A:  No, your shoot starts at the time that you booked.

Q: Can I use the equipment that belongs to the studio?
A: studio equipment is not included in the studio rental fee, but it can be rented upon your arrival to the space.
Renter is not allowed to use any studio equipment unless it was agreed with a studio manager and paid in accordance with the preliminary agreement. 

Q: Can I bring my kids to the studio?
A:  Yes, the studio is family friendly.
Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

Q: Total square-footage of the studio?
A:  1,000 sq ft – studio A;
A: 1,000 sq ft – studio B;

Q: Height of the  grid to the floor?
A:  20 ft – studio A;
A: 20 ft – studio B.

Q: Do you provide vehicles for the shoots?
A: No, clients need to bring in their own vehicles for the shoots.
We can recommend a place to rent them if needed. Car fee is 300$.

Q: How many vehicles can fit on the cyclorama wall?
A: Total: One.

Q: Do you have a fog machine?
A:  Yes we do.

Q: Soundproofed?
A:   studio A/B – no;

Q: Can we film adult content at the studio?
A:  Filming adult content is not allowed on the studios premises.

Q: Site rep?
A: An on-site manager will be present during the booking.

Q: Studio hours?
A: We work 9am-9pm every day. Extra hours can be considered for a separate price.

Q: Dedicated parking?
A: Yes.