A space of 1000 sqft, high ceilings of 13.ft is divided into 3 sections
The Palace Walls, The Study & The Living room)
The Palace Walls (White wall with Mouldings, Fire place & Ceramic floors)
The Study (Black Wall with Mouldings, Fire place & Ceramic floors)
The Living Room (Plain white walls with a sofa, White French Doors, Large Window & Ceramic floors)
Studio B – A warehouse of 1000sqft, high ceilings of 13.5ft, all white interior and garage door. This space is ideal for creating and building different sets.
Each Rental Includes:
1 prop or furniture
Free use of our make-up room
Free wifi
Free parking located in front of building


Pricing & Packages 

Our Studio is divided into 3 Sections, below are the four packages to select from. These packages are designed to offer our clients the best value. You will find there is a variety of space to play with, whether your project is big or small. Our team on site is always more than happy to assist you on your visit.

Deposit are Non Refundable

 Palace Walls

The Palace Walls (White & Black Walls with Mouldings, Fireplace & Ceramic floors)
“The look of pure elegance.”

 For Photo or Video Shoots


Living Room

Living Room ( Sky Blue Palace Wall with Mouldings, Backdrops, French Door & Ceramic floors)
“The perfect setting with natural light.”

For Photo or Video Shoots